Ice Storms in Hell

Jan. 30th, 2009 12:55 pm
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As I was telling Geonn yesterday - there are ice storms in hell. We just CALL it Arkansas.

Yesterday, as i was driving by the armoury at the college, I saw the National Guard being mobilized. Today, FEMA was there. I am currently at hastings, because I have no power at the house, and as such no internet or anything - the horror *gasp*

Worse than that - we have no hot water. I filled the tub with water this morning to take a bath/shower, and geez that was friggen cold. I had to have DH help to wash my hair, because the water was too damn cold to do that to myself. And, if you ever see me first thing in the morning, you know that washing my hair is a must. I have that baby fine hair that after a night's sleep will give Medusa a run for her money.

I work in a motel and can't get a room in this town any more than anyone else - not even for a few hours to shower. The power people have started to arrive and get things back on, and one of them told me that they are expected to be here about 6 weeks.

We are looking at hurricane level devestation here from the ice storms. The thing is that we weren't even the worst hit. The area's north of here are even worse. My in-laws just over the Missouri border are completely without power too, and are cuddling together the best that they can - their entire town is done. Around here, at least there are some places to go. We are currently at Hastings, and the motels and stuff still have power, it's mostly residential areas that are affected. It's damn cold. Everything in our fridge will have to be trashed. Money is tight and it is damn cold, but we are getting by.

Just keep the people in this area in your thoughts if you can. There is some disaster relief going on and a few shelters, but i don't really know the details. Mostly everyone just wants their power back. We are all trying to stay warm. Luckily,, it is above freezing today, if barely (33-35 degrees F), and the ice is beginning to melt, but the power lines are all down.

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