End of the Road...

Aug. 19th, 2006 09:08 pm
lyssac: (pregnancy)

I'm eleven weeks pregnant today, except that I'm not. I went into the ER tonight. It was trivial, really. I haven't been feeling well, been crampy, and today I had a lot of discharge with some blood in it, so DH wanted me to go in, and I didn't argue too hard.

My HCG is still high, but not as high as it would be for 11 weeks. The baby is measuring 7-8 weeks, and there was no fetal heart tones. It is unlikely that this is just a case of mistaken dates with that large of a margin, especially since four weeks ago, I had a six week fetus with heart beat.

I have to call on Monday for a follow-up appointment with an OB, where they may repeat the u/s, but it looks like this is the end.

It's just like last time - my increased "morning sickness" was really a sign that my pregnancy was failing, not thriving, that small percent that you hear of losing the baby after a heart beat is detected - once again, that's me. I'm 0-4 and really not happy about it. I don't know how to do this again. I don't know how to keep doing it. I don't want to give up my dream, but I guess it's really not meant to be.

I haven't called my family, yet, and to be honest, I am really not ready to. I'm so tired.

My trip to the ER...

Jul. 22nd, 2006 11:21 pm
lyssac: (pregnancy)

Well, last week it was spotting (twice), this week it was pain - and this time, bad enough to prompt my husband into bullying me into going to the ER.

I've had some pain on and off, throughout, as I have chronic pelvic pain from my PCOS, but last night, my lower back started to hurt, and this afternoon, there were really sharp pains in/near my left ovary. We were worried about a possible ectopic, or large cyst.

According to the dr, I have a healthy intrauterine pregnancy, and most likely a UTI, which is treatable.

The baby (fetal pole) was a bit small, measuring about a week behind my dates (6w0d +/-3d) - even though I am pretty sure about the date of conception, and the heartrate was 106, which I am not too crazy about (my last pregnancy had a small sac and a 109 heartrate), but it is early, and everything looks kind of reassuring at this point, which does help me feel a little better.

Hopefully, everything will continue on from here. I'll do my weekly progress post tomorrow.

First Ultrasound

Mar. 11th, 2004 04:14 pm
lyssac: (pregnancy)

I had some problems last night with spoting and cramping, so I called the Dr today, and they fit me in for an ultrasound and visit today, instead of next week.

Well, it's mostly good news, but not all.

We saw the baby (kind of) and it is settled into the uterus and my cervix is closed.

It measured small - at only 6w 1d +/- 2 days, rather than 7w 3d (as of LMP). We kind of expected this, though, because of my irregular cycles.

The not so good news is that the amount of the fluid around the baby is low and the heartbeat was only 109bpm. (It was nice to hear it, though)

I am on pelvic rest and he wants to see me again for an ultrasound on the 23rd, to check that I am progressing.

I am still worried, but not as scared. I hope everything works out. Looks like we are in line for a Halloween baby after all.

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