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Jun. 21st, 2008 04:50 pm
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Trying something new... I am still looking for something that will get me inspired to write something more than a snippet or drabblish type thing.

I think I am dealing with a minor depression and it's not great. I don't know what to do about it though. School starts up in just about a week. I am actually looking forward to that. I have even had some good news on that front. First, i found my textbook used for about $20, instead of $80. I also went in to talk with a financial aid counselor about the missed deadline, and he said that they can't deny me the Pell Grant that I had already been awarded, and hey, we have some extra non-traditional student grant money - why don't you have some... So instead of having to pay ~$700 this week, I only have to pay ~250 by the end of next month. That was my good news the other day.

Also, Leland has picked up some work at the college for the camps they are running. Right now, it is all going to pay the back premiums on his insurance from when he was off, so no pay and no unemployment, but our insurance won't get cancelled, and as soon as he is caught up that will be a little more money. Also, I got our tax return yesterday (finally) and was able to catch up on all of our bills. It's completely gone now, but my rent is up to date, so I figure that's fair. I am still hoping for our state return and that federal bonus everyone got last month.

As for the something new... Inspired by hp_tarot on IJ, I am thinking of using tarot cards/readings to influence my writing. I may use some of the various tarot/divination decks that I have at home, or the suggested on-line ones:


Llewellyn Web Tarot

Ok - so that's kind of scary... I drew a reading using the Llewellyn site, specifically for writing, thinking only about possible stories, and got a reading that can only be about myself and what's going on with me. It's too, too weird. Maybe this is why I am so blocked. may need to meditate on this and see what I can do to free up some creative energy.

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