WTF???? Plagerism

May. 22nd, 2008 07:47 pm
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After my post earlier, I googled a poem I wrote a few years ago, to see if it was still on-line somewhere, so I could share it with [ profile] vegawriters and it came up on someone else's page. Now, I posted this around a few places on, on a Cordelia/Angel Wallpaper - which is what I wrote it for, and as the front of my fanfic archive, as well as one of those poetry contest sites, so I knew it was possible that it could be stolen - just like anything else on the internet, but &%*&$* it feels like such a violation.

I am so upset that I can't even figure out how to contact this person to ask that they take it down. This wasn't even just a fannish thing. I published this with my real name, and it was very personal.

I... I don't know what to say.


Heavy hung the moon must be,

With dreams and whispers in hidden seas,

Darkness deep does fade beneath

The secret heart of love's black beat.

Deep within does hunger speak

Blood red, stars melt and passions weep.

In nightly death our hearts do meet,

A forbidden union where dark dreams sweet.

Rachel Cockman

March 2010

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