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Mar. 17th, 2007 09:53 am
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So, I went to the VA last Friday. I decided to bypass the ER and go straight to the Women's clinic to see if they could get me in. After sitting there and being ignored for most of an hour (they were busy), I pressed the issue and they said, that no, I should go to the ER, because they weren't able to see walk-ins, and even if they did, there was no guarantee that they would get my lab results back before the end of the day. Before I left, I did make sure to scheduele follow up appointments for the next available day (which was April 19th - 6 weeks away), which actually turned out to be pretty good foresight when it came to dealing with the ER and convincing them that I was serious about dealing with my problems.

It turns out that I didn't/don't have an infection, though I was given a three day course of ciproflex and a diflucan just in case. What I had was.... *drumroll* .... a blood sugar problem (who's surprised?). Actually, my blood sugar was over 400, and my body was being dehydrated like a piece of beef jerky trying to deal with it. My urine test came back clean for infections, but +1 for ketones, and +3 for glucose, and my blood test showed signs of dehydration (I average about a gallon a day in fluids).

He restarted my meds, including a new type of pre-mixed insulin (70/30). It's helping, but I'm averaging about 240 right now. I go back next week for a med check at the ER (because my appointment was too far away), and they'll adjust the dosages up.

I'm feeling better (much better) but am extremely tired. I've been getting about 7 hours sleep at night and sometimes another 4 hour nap midday. It's my body adjusting to the new levels, but jeeze is it exhausting.

I also am dealing with the extreme hunger that now wakes my body up in the morning to remind me to take my shot and eat. TV dinners are my friends. Seriously, I have no desire to cook first thing in the morning, or to decide what to eat, or to wait for it to be finished. I pop a lean cuisine or healthy choice into the microwave and I'm sorted. They may occasionally taste like cardboard, but first thing in the morning, who cares. (You may have guessed that I am not a morning person.)

Anyway, I am feeling better.
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