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Apr. 5th, 2005 02:10 pm
lyssac: House giving Cuddy shot (ttc)
[personal profile] lyssac

I am 12dpo. AF was due today - I have an 10-11 day LP. I also have been having early PG symptoms, but I am not relying on them.

A while back, someone posted at IDOB about the at home blood test and so I tried it...

The serum moved across the test strip a bit more slowly than urine, but when it reached the T area, a line showed up. When it got to the C area, a second line showed up. I showed DH. He saw it.

The as the test developed and the control line got darker and darker, the second line (T) disappearred.

Now, the line is back, and I don't know if it was a saturation problem, or if this is an evap line, as it was definately past 10mins when it came back, but it did show up within the first 30 seconds of the test - it just disappearred a few minutes later.

This is driving me crazy. It's not fair. It's positive or it's not - but I have no clue. And if the blood test is this screwy, it will probably be a week before I get a positive urine test (if it is positive).

I need to start my progesterone, if I am pg. I guess I could go ahead and start it, but if I am not PG then AF won't come.

*whimper* I'm going insane....
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