Apr. 7th, 2005

Inaccurate Temps

Apr. 7th, 2005 04:49 am
lyssac: (journal)

My temps for this cycle have been really weird, and I am not sure how accurate they are. Also, I had EWCM at 4 and 5 dpo, and if I put that in my chart, it says I haven't O'd at all, despite the thermal shift.

For example - when I first woke up this am, my temp was 97.6. I immediately took it again to double check (digital) and it was 97.8. Ten minutes later, because I was freaked out that maybe I screwed up, I took it again, it was 97.9.

My chart has high temps where it shouldn't, lows where it shouldn't. Who knows - maybe I didn't O at all...

but that line in still clear as a bell on the blood test I did 2 days ago.

The Answer is...

Apr. 7th, 2005 09:54 am
lyssac: (baby)

.. Not Pregnant.

I used an Answer brand test with FMU this morning, and it was clearly negative, despite the positive BOAT 2 days ago. I really feel like AF is coming.

My cycle has been screwy all month, and I have no idea how accurate my temps are or when/if I O'd now.

I guess I'll just wait for AF or test again in a few days.

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