The continuing saga...

Mar. 29th, 2005 10:39 pm
lyssac: House giving Cuddy shot (ttc)
[personal profile] lyssac

... of the cycle from hell.

Well, I still have that eggwhite CM today. When I peed in a cup to poas, there was a ball of it in the cup, and on the TP....

I took a HPT and an OPK.... They were both negative. (My justification was that I am CD35, so I could go pay my dr a lot of money for him to test, or I could spend a dollar. I took the opk because of the CM and...)

Today, my temp once again dropped to the coverline. Granted, my coverline is a little higher this month, but my chart looks like the richter scale.

I was going to start my progesterone suppliments today, if my temp stayed up, but it didn't and I also have weird CM.


When I was growing up, the Serenity Prayer was one of my favorite things... it's running through my head this morning... "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..."

On a related note, I did notice that my tempature is lower on days when I have the heat on in the bedroom and higher when it is not. However, the 97.7, 97.8, 97.9 temps of the weekend are typical of my post-O shift. The fallback rise is even pretty normal for me, but I still wouldn't put money on whether I O'd or when.
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