Aug. 28th, 2009

Save the English Language

Aug. 28th, 2009 07:29 am
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I have adopted a word at Save the Words, and I will admit, that I went round and round, clicking on words until I saw mine. It was the example sentence that sold it for me:

adimpleate (v. to fill up) : Would you be so kind to adimpleate the vial with your urine sample?

Though, really, the first time I said that, (and likely the second and third and so on) I would be met with that 'huh? are you talking English' blank stare that I see often enough anyway, but it amuses me nonetheless.

I signed up for the word of the day as well. Have to study for the GRE.

ETA: To help you all learn this new vocabulary word, and foster its use - many words you can pick out their meaning from the roots and such, but this one may or may not be so readily apparent - but if you think about dimple, it's a hole or depression in something and the a- prefix usually means like not, or opposite, so the opposite of making a hole or depression is to fill one up... got it?

Riding a Bike

Aug. 28th, 2009 11:20 am
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Does anyone here ride a bike?

I know how to ride, in that I learned in Junior High, but it's been (quite) a few years since I have done it, and that was mostly riding around the neighborhood, in abandoned parking lots, and through the orchard near one of my foster parent's houses. I am thinking of getting a bike next month when my student loan comes in - because I pretty much walk everywhere. I was wondering about riding it in town/in traffic, and how hard it is, and whether it might be a good idea.

I'd love it if anyone had any advice.

A Good Day After All

Aug. 28th, 2009 03:16 pm
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Oh, I posty-spamming person lately... but I just had a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. I have to go back to my Hematology rotation on Monday, as I mentioned previously, and I was really, really worried about that, because I have always had a bit of trouble connecting with my supervisor and I really did screw up in the spring.

However, I have been sitting in Books-A-Million the last few hours, when I realized that C. (my supervisor) was standing over at the coffee shop, so I went over to talk to her (just friendly, hi, how's things kind of stuff). It went VERY well. She practically hugged me and seemed really happy that things were going well for me now, and really understanding.

Please forgive any bad things I have ever thought about her (we are probably just too much alike... lol). It is such a relief to know that Monday morning, I will be able to go in there with no extra stress, be able to review what I had done before and move on with a clean slate.

Thanks to whoever is looking out for me :)

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